Data center parameter monitoring systems
Main purpose
The optimal solution for monitoring the parameters of a data center

The SPX+ monitoring system

The SPX+ monitoring system is the optimum solution for monitoring the parameters of a data center.

The SPX+ controller supports the connection of up to 150 automatically detectable sensors. SPX+ uses a modular system, which allows you to get a controller with the required number of ports. The use of expansion modules allows the connection of sensors in close proximity to measurement points.

A wide range of sensors can be used with the SPX+ for environmental monitoring and safety, including a cabinet heat map system to identify overheating points and RFID locks with a rotating handle to secure your cabinets.

The SPX+ is well suited for both data center and industrial applications. Wherever you need monitoring, you can deploy the SPX+. Along with the SPX+ controller, software can be purchased that allows you to monitor data center power distribution, sensor indications, and access control.


  • create floor plans with cabinet locations and sensor mapping;
  • customize your own views with a set of necessary parameters;
  • display sensor indications in the form of graphs in real time or from logs;
  • send notifications via SMS, e-mail or SNMP-notifications;
  • keep a log of events.


Based on the SPX+ monitoring system, we offer a "smart box" solution that allows you to monitor all the necessary parameters of one or several cabinets.

  • The "Thermal Map" module, consisting of 6 sensors, monitors temperature and humidity values and, with the help of a graphic map, helps to visually identify overheating points inside the cabinet. This allows troubleshooting of equipment cooling problems such as:
  1. Obstructions inside the cabinet. Cables and organizers can obstruct airflow.
  2. IT equipment ventilation fans malfunctioning. As fans age or fail, airflow through IT equipment will decrease.
  3. Unclosed gaps between equipment. Unobstructed cold air flow will cause other areas to heat up.
  • Installing additional sensors allows you to monitor all required parameters including temperature, humidity, smoke detection, water leakage, and airflow rate.
  • The power control module monitors the power supply to the installed IT equipment. Additionally, with Astergo controlled PDUs it is possible to turn equipment on and off manually or by schedule.
  • LCD display at the end of the corridor or on the front of the cabinet allows to monitor up to 8 customizable indicators from the SPX+ monitoring system.
  • A notification column can be used to provide audible indication of critical situations.
  • RFID locks can be used for user authorization and cabinet access control.

Typical specification for the SPX+ SMART BOX


Cabinet thermal map. Circuit of 6 temperature sensors, loop length 4.8m


Access control kit with 2 electro-mechanical locks, 2 door opening sensors and 2 access cards


Programmable LCD display with built-in temperature sensor


Signal column, three-color light (traffic light)


Monitoring module Astergo, 8 sensor ports

SPX+. Expansion architecture

SPX+ controllers support the connection of expansion modules: The BEB protocol is suitable for expansion over short distances. Several BEB modules can be connected in series, the maximum total length of the connection cable depends on the number of devices in the circuit:

  • 4x BEB - max. total cable length 10 m;
  • 3x BEB - max. total cable length 18 m;
  • 2x BEB - max. total cable length 20 m;
  • 1x BEB - max. total cable length 20 m.

Smart environmental sensors

All sensors support autodetection of the device type when connected to an SPX+ controller.


Temperature sensor, 0.3m cable


Spot leakage sensor, 5m cable


Temperature/humidity sensor, cable 0,3m


Ribbon leakage sensor, cable 3m

Smart security sensors


Smoke Detection Sensor, cable 1.5m


Motion sensor, cable 1.5m


Door opening sensor, cable 4.5m



1U 450x44x46mm

Expansion Ports

EXP port for connecting EXP expansion modules

BEB port for connecting BEB expansion modules

Power supply

External 5V

Operating temperature range

-35° to 70°C

Number of sensors

Maximum 150 sensors (using expansion units and virtual sensors)

SPX+ minimum equipment

4 ports for connection of sensors or remote access control system locks
1 expansion port (with Modbus option)

1 10/100 Ethernet port

Expansion options of the SPX+ controller minimum configuration

+4 ports for connection of sensors or remote access control system locks
+ 10 or 20 dry contacts, in the following variants:

· Customizable 1/0 dry contacts (OV/5V DC)

· Dry contacts with opto-isolated 5V input

· Isolated dry contacts with input voltage

+ 3G or 4G OSM modem

Main purpose
The optimal solution for monitoring the parameters of a data center