Climatic equipment
Climatic equipment
Main purpose

Designed to accommodate telecommunication and electrical equipment with protection from environmental influences and unauthorized access. It is an outdoor cabinet with its own ventilation and thermal regulation system.

Design features
  • The cabinet is delivered assembled and completed, which allows to start its operation immediately after installation at the site.
  • The rear wall can be replaced by a door.
  • The main roof is quick release, with built-in fans for forced ventilation of the cabinet and 4 eyebolts for possible movement of the cabinet by crane.
  • An additional element is a removable false roof, which protects the cabinet from water damage caused by rain.
  • The door is attached to the cabinet body by means of special hinges, in the basic equipment has a right hinge (can be changed to the left) and in the closed position is in a recessed position in relation to the side walls, which increases the vandal-proof design.
  • The door is equipped with a locking handle of the clamping type with 4-point fixation, which ensures a tight fit of the door in the closed position throughout the entire height (the number of fixation points can vary depending on the height of the cabinet).
  • The maximum opening angle of the door is 120° and there is an opening limiter.
  • The lower part of the door is provided with a ventilation window with vandal-proof protection and a filter, which ensures fresh air supply.
  • The cabinet is equipped with operational plugs, which can be used to close the input and output air vents, if necessary.
  • The unit mounting rails of the cabinets are depth adjustable.
  • There are leakproof cable glands in the base of the cabinet: d32-37 (6 pcs.), d25-27 (6 pcs.) and d20-22 (8 pcs.).
  • The cabinet is equipped with a grounding bus with 10 connection points. On the cabinet body there is an external contact for connection to an external grounding element.
  • The cabinet is a one-piece welded frame with removable walls, roof, bottom and door. The walls of the cabinet are made on the principle of "sandwich panels" - the outer and inner shells are made of steel of different thickness, as an internal insulator is used polystyrene foam 50 mm thick. All removable and opening parts of the cabinet are glued with a double contour of rubber sealant to ensure the required tightness of the entire structure.
  • The cabinet is equipped with forced ventilation and heating system with control thermostats. It is possible to install an air conditioning system (optional). Door control sensors and light bulb are installed, the door has a pocket for storing documents. The equipment of information transmission and storage systems is placed inside the cabinet on vertical rails (19-inch mounting profiles). It is possible to place the equipment on specialized shelves or mounting panels (optional). The cabinet is delivered assembled in a package on a Euro-pallet. The cabinet is operated after its installation on a special base or cabinet suspension through a special suspension kit (the base or the suspension kit are purchased separately).