Open racks RS (server)
Main purpose

Double-frame server sliding racks with increased load capacity RS series are designed for installation of 19" network, telecommunication and switching equipment of large capacity that does not require additional protective cases.

Material - sheet steel 1,5-2 mm.

Open racks include 2 prefabricated power frames, connected with each other by means of special cross bars in the upper and lower parts. The cross bars and accompanying brackets are used to adjust the mounting depth of the rack.

The main method of rack placement is on a level floor on its own base. In this case the rack is fixed to the floor with anchor bolts included in the package. Racks can be installed on adjustable supports and/or rotating casters - both supports and/or casters are available separately. Installation of racks on castors is only for transportation to the place of installation. After transportation, the rack must be mounted on the adjustable supports or on the base itself.

The maximum load capacity of 1500 kg is provided only if the rack is placed on a flat surface without the use of supports. If supports are used, the load capacity is limited to 700 kg. The maximum load capacity of the rack mounted on casters is 120 kg.