WALLBOX IP 55 (wall mounted)
WALLBOX IP 55 (wall mounted)
Main purpose

Wall-mounted two-section cabinets of WALLBOX IP55 series are a solution for small telecommunication equipment. They are recommended for use in industrial premises with high content of dust, moisture and other non-aggressive contaminants.

Design features
  • The cabinets are made in 19" standard. The main elements of two-section cabinets are a front door, a section with mounting rails and a rear section.
  • The door has both right and left hinges, is equipped with a lock and can be either with an insert made of impact-resistant tinted glass or blank metal. The door opening angle is 180 degrees.
  • The frame and rails of the main cabinet section are made of 1.2 mm steel. The cabinet frame is of all-welded construction. For equipment assembly the cabinet has two pairs of 19" profiles with depth adjustment, which allows to install rather heavy deep equipment in the cabinet.
  • The rear section has a depth of 100mm, with right or left hinge. It is equipped with additional 19" profiles, which allows to place oversized equipment on 2 mounting points.
  • All openings are equipped with sealing contours, damping elements are used on all doors and sections.
  • To ensure air ventilation inside the cabinet, the input openings are located in the lower part (bottom) and are equipped with a removable filter with a protective grille. The ventilation opening is located in the roof of the enclosure and is also equipped with a removable filter. To prevent liquids from getting inside the cabinet, a false panel is installed on the roof. The design of the roof provides the possibility of installing fan modules for forced ventilation (optional).
  • Cable entry is carried out through the bottom and side edges of the rear section through rubber sealing glands.
  • All conductive parts of the cabinet are grounded.
  • The cabinets are delivered assembled.