In May 2015 the state data center of the Tax Service was opened. The backup data center was launched in 2017. The main task of the data center is a centralized system of consolidation, processing, analysis and storage of tax information from all over the country in one centralized point. The data center area is 7,000 square meters, there are two machine rooms, the capacity of which is 450 standard server racks with computing, telecommunication equipment, data storage systems and security equipment.


The special status of the facility required strict observance of the highest standards adopted in the construction and operation of data centers. In particular, the engineering infrastructure of the data center was designed in accordance with the requirements of Uptime Institute's Tier III. Astergo took part in the project as a manufacturer and supplier of a whole range of solutions, in particular, server cabinets, power distribution units (PDUs), as well as the creation and installation of a corridor insulation system. The company was assigned the following tasks:

  • ensure reliable power supply to the computing infrastructure with the ability to control the consumption;
  • optimize the operation of the refrigeration system;
  • reduce the overall level of energy consumption of the facility.


To facilitate the installation of the mounting cabinets at the facility, the specialists of 3C Solutions pre-assembled all the supplied models directly at the production site. Each cabinet was equipped with power distribution units, cable organizers and plugs; ceiling trays were installed on its roof. After that, all cabinets were packed and sent to the facility. All that had to be done by the customer was to remove the cabinet from the pallet, put it in the right place, load it on it and connect the equipment.  

Reliability of the energy supply and control of electricity consumption were ensured by the installation of power distribution units according to the 2N scheme. Each unit is equipped with digital ammeters that allow controlling the load on the power distribution system.

The specialists of Astergo provided optimization of the air conditioning system by creating a hot corridor insulation system at the facility that supports free-cooling system using FFC technology (full free-cooling system). The basis of this system is the so-called "heat wheel", which provides heat exchange between the air coming from the street, and the air that circulates in the data center and is used to cool IT equipment.

In total, within the framework of the project, Astergo supplied about 200 server cabinets and 400 power distribution units to the data center of the Tax Service. 

Special circumstances

Due to the scale of the project and the short lead time for its implementation, all equipment supplied was required to be installed very quickly. The specialists of Astergo had not only to deliver the equipment on time, but also to ensure maximum simplicity and ease of installation, as well as easy connection and operation of the server equipment. 


Thanks to the pre-assembly technology, the deployment time of the installation cabinets at the facility was halved.

The hot corridor system mounted by the specialists of Astergo reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning system by an average of 25-30%.