In January 2014, the client launched a new data center for commercial use. Today it is one of the largest and most modern data centers in the Northern part of Europe. The data center contains 1,476 racks with an estimated load of 6.3 kW per rack on average and with a total capacity of 14 mW. Its area is 6,500 square meters The data center corresponds to the Tier III level, it has five security perimeters and is the first step in implementing the company's strategy to create a network of innovative data centers in one the largest business activity centers.

The cooperation with Astergo began in 2015.


The data center is aimed at the companies of various sizes, both large corporations (in particular, one of the leading social networks in Europe). The dynamics of the client’s requests after the facility was put into operation required the expansion and optimization of the existing infrastructure, taking into account the needs of various categories of the users. In particular, the company required non-standard multi-section cabinets for colocation, involving sectional rent and placement of different types of the server equipment from different clients.


In cooperation, Astergo experts developed an individual solution — a multi-section colocation cabinet with an integrated power distribution system. An individual cable channel for powering and connecting to a telecommunication network can be brought to each section.

Due to the fact that the internal space of the cabinet is divided into separate horizontal sections, it is not possible to install a standard PDU (usually of a vertical design) in it, therefore, for the new customized cabinets, special power distribution units were invented, corresponding in size to the height of each section. In the event that the customer rents only part of the rack, thanks to this solution, it is provided with individual equipment connection inside the section.

Special circumstances

In addition to developing a new design of server racks, each section of the cabinet needed to be equipped with an individual input of external communications (both in power and low-current systems). This approach is due to the desire of the data center to provide its customers with comfortable operating conditions for the equipment being placed with 100% compliance with all safety standards.


As part of cooperation, Astergo supplied about 100 server racks of a non-standard design to the data center. The created infrastructure allows providing the equipment placement services, as well as telecommunication and telematic services to the companies that do not have large budgets, and at the same time provide a level of service and security that meets the highest possible standards. The solution proposed and implemented by the working group contributed to an increase in the number of the customers of the data center, in particular, from medium and small businesses who did not need to rent a whole cabinet. All equipment was delivered on time.