Cooling system

One of the largest water companies providing water supply and wastewater disposal services. The length of its water supply networks is more than 13,000 kilometers.


The client is a recognized leader in the implementation of the latest technologies. In 2014, to ensure the continuity of its information systems, the company built a single data center. At a certain stage of data center operation, a need arose to optimize the operation of air conditioners.

The server equipment places high demands on the accuracy of temperature maintenance: circulation of cold air in the data center must work 24 hours a day even during the hottest days. In addition, if the air conditioning system partially fails, cooling must remain full.


Astergo partnered with an engineering company to quickly develop a custom insulation system tailored to the specifics of the room. Rows of cabinets were aligned and enclosed with a sliding door kit. A special step was designed for the ramp, closing off the air intake, and plugs were made for the base of the cabinets.

One of the most challenging stages of the project was equipment installation: works were done in cramped conditions in the constantly running server room.

Special circumstances

  • The data center was equipped with rows of cabinets from different manufacturers, different height, length and width, part of the corridor between the cabinets was on the ramp, which limited the use of standard solutions.
  • The project had to be implemented quickly, without interrupting the client's business and at a reasonable cost. Given the complexity of the engineering infrastructure, the use of foreign equipment could substantially increase the cost of the project and reduce the effect of implementation.


Despite the difficulties full insulation of the cold aisle was done in planned time. Use of locally made solutions and coordinated work of the partner and the vendor allowed to reduce the time and the cost of implementation and ensure high quality of the project.

The main result of the work on modernization of the engineering infrastructure was the reduction of load consumed by the cold supply system. Effective separation of air flows was organized at the site which contributed to a better cooling of equipment.

Also, the customer got an opportunity to use more efficient servers.