The data centers network is a part of the Group of companies, a full-cycle communications operator. The list of services of the Group covers all telecommunication areas, from the domain name registration and virtual hosting to the data center services and Internet access.


Astergo helped the data centers network enforce compliance with the safety requirements.

The data centers network has an engineering infrastructure inherited from the previous owner. Previously, the data center was used exclusively for corporate purposes, due to which it lacks some attributes of the engineering infrastructure, for example, the doors for server cabinets. Operating a data center for commercial purposes involves a large number of customers, and therefore requires rack doors as an essential element of a security system. A new status of the data center, due to the change of ownership, also outlined a new task: to ensure full compliance of engineering structures with generally accepted standards of a commercial data center. 


The specialists of Astergo developed the necessary infrastructure elements for the data center –doors and separation sets (sections) for the cabinets of different sizes. All designs passed tests in Agile mode: the company sent a prototype to the customer, received its feedback, made all the necessary changes, and only then launched the model into production.

Special circumstances

The data center provides server rental services with a wide range of different configurations located in the cabinets of different sizes. All cabinets are manufactured by one supplier well-known in the international market. At the same time, rack doors are not supplied by this manufacturer as a separate product.


Under the contract, Astergo released about 100 sets of doors and sectional sets for racks located in the data center. The result of the project was a new product developed from scratch by Astergo specialists. This is the first example on the local market of customized solutions ready for mass production.