The top-5 largest data center in the local market. The company offers individual solutions for the placement of server and telecommunication equipment with the possibility of increasing capacity depending on the needs of the customers. It has total capacity of 1,835 rack-seats. The data center customers are more than 100 international companies, including OrangeBusinessServices, Nestlé, ThomsonReuters, China Agricultural Bank, and many others.


Client is a dynamically developing data center. The largest financial organizations, multinational corporations, international telecom operators and other companies that process large volumes of data are among its clients. The constant influx of new customers requires the rapid expansion of the data center infrastructure, in particular, the corridor insulation systems. The installation of ready-made constructs with all necessary infrastructure elements should be carried out quickly and without downtime.


Exclusively for the company, Astergo project team developed a special line of insulation systems 2.4 meters wide, which takes into account all architectural and design features of the data center.

As part of cooperation, Astergo also supplies its partner with rack cabinets of non-standard (reduced in depth) sizes for installation in the places where standard constructions do not fit. These cabinets function as storage cells for storing non-working equipment and allow using the whole space of the machine room.

Special circumstances

The data center is built according to the international standards, taking into account the best practices of the company in other countries of the world. One of its features that is unusual for most domestic data centers is the one-volume machine room, non-standard corridor systems and rack sizes. For the convenience of the customers, the corridors and the cabinets are above the typical parameters. Also, in order to equip its data center, the company uses the structures with an automatic opening of ceiling panels - this is one of the key requirements of the fire safety system: at the station's signal, the panel opens, and the ceiling fire extinguishing system works on a single volume. In order to ensure normal circulation of air flows and uninterrupted operation of all systems (ventilation, cooling, fire extinguishing), the company needs a special insulation system that takes into account all the features of the installed constructs. 


The flexibility of Astergo production ensures the speed of delivery in any volume - the customer does not need to create the stocks in case of a large influx of new customers.  All manufactured and supplied products are 100% compliant with high corporate standard – a mandatory requirement for the company’s investors.