Beeline Uzbekistan is part of VEON, an international telecommunication holding headquartered in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

VEON is a global provider of telecommunications and Internet services with more than 160 million users in six dynamically developing countries. VEON is listed on the NASDAQ and Euronext Amsterdam stock markets.

Beeline Uzbekistan employs about 1,600 people. Since 2006, when VEON entered the Uzbekistan market, it has invested more than 1.4 billion USD. During the period of its operation under Beeline TM in Uzbekistan, taxes worth about 2 billion USD have been paid.


The constant increase in the number of new customers requires rapid expansion of the data center infrastructure, in particular, corridor insulation systems. Installation of complete structures with all necessary infrastructure elements can be carried out quickly and without downtime.


Exclusively for Beeline Uzbekistan, the project team developed a customized insulation system that takes into account all architectural and structural features of the facility.

As part of the project, Astergo also supplied its partner with a data center monitoring system, installed and carried out commissioning works.


The installation of insulation of the data center cold zone significantly reduced the operating temperature by eliminating local overheating zones, thus reducing operating costs and increasing the efficiency of cooling systems. The installation of monitoring allowed to track temperature parameters in the cold zone of the data center, as well as in each rack individually.