At the end of 2017, one of the largest banks in Europe launched its second data center – one of the largest data centers in Europe. The data center provides continuous operation of automated bank systems.


The rapid development of the leader of the financial market of Europe requires a constant increase in the infrastructure for data storage and security. Astergo provides the main volume of the engineering infrastructure. Full range of the equipment supplied includes two cabinet models, eight types of PDUs, six types of cords and 1U plugs.


Thanks to its own production, Astergo provided customization and prompt delivery of the solutions in the required volumes. Preparation of an individual solution (design and development of test models) took two months from the date of signing the contract. Bank experts tested the samples received and provided feedback. The specialists of Astergo made the necessary changes, put the equipment into production and completed the delivery.

Especially for the customer they developed:

  • PDUs with mirror marking, which allows reading it even with the doors open. All PDUs are available with the function of monitoring electrical parameters (load, voltage, etc.). If necessary, a temperature and humidity sensor can be connected to them;
  • the sockets with individual marking, which provide quick troubleshooting and reconnection of the equipment in case of any malfunctions. All sockets and connectors are made with fixation to eliminate the risks of accidental loss of cable;
  • custom color cords.

Special circumstances

For all infrastructure elements for the new machine room, the customer applies atypical technical requirements based on its own experience in operating the data center. As a rule, all IT equipment in the data center (servers, data storage systems, network equipment) includes two power supplies. Duplication of the connection reduces the risk of failure in the event of failure of one of the power beams. To avoid confusion, each wire must be marked with either blue or red, depending on its location. Double color marking helps quickly identify and eliminate the cause of any power failure.  

These and other specifications require serious customization of all supplied products.


To date, as part of a long-term contract, Astergo has supplied 460 cabinets, about 1,500 PDUs, more than 7,200 plugs (blank panels) and more than 20,000 power cords. The individual numbering and color marking of equipment items from Astergo increases the convenience of its maintenance and reduces the negative impact of the human factor (for example, connection errors).