PS Company is one of the largest hosting providers in Kazakhstan, it provides cloud solutions for more than 120,000 customers, the representatives of medium and small businesses. PS Company supports 71,000 active registered domains. More than 1,300 requests are received weekly by the provider's support service. The company has its own data center in Almaty, which provides services for the server equipment colocation, and grant a lease of dedicated servers.


The rapid development of the company requires the constant development of infrastructure for data storage and security. To increase the capacity of the machine room and optimize the work of the data center, PS Company has announced a tender for the supply of rack structures and corridor insulation system.


The specialists of Astergo found a way to solve this problem and developed a new model of insulation system - the so-called “roof with a lantern”. A special protrusion was designed, which is located above the level of the cabinet and thus provides an additional flow of light into the corridor. In addition, this design eliminates any physical discomfort for the employees when working with the equipment located in the upper part of the cabinet: thanks to the protrusion, the engineer does not touch the ceiling panel.

The company's design bureau also proposed an updated design of server cabinets. The rack of Astergo looks like all standard cabinets already operated by PS Company, it is identical in the design and size to them, but at the same time it is ready to accommodate more batteries. The possibility of a higher load with standard sizes is a significant factor in saving usable data center space.

Special circumstances

The customer indicated special wishes for the insulation system. For ease of maintenance of the cabinets, it was required to develop an unusual design of ceiling panels, which would allow the maintenance staff to conveniently work with the equipment located at the top of the server cabinets.

Among the important requests from the hosting provider was also full compliance of the new cabinets with those already in use in the data center. All parameters, including the size and color, should have been the same. At the same time, higher load requirements were imposed on new racks. 


The cooperation project showed 100% readiness of the producer for non-standard solutions and specific requirements of foreign partners, as well as for deliveries abroad. The company's flexibility, willingness to innovate and its own production facilities allowed it to win the tender, bypassing one of the most popular Chinese suppliers in the local market. Astergo has developed a more cost-effective solution for the Kazakhstan partner. The company's specialists are confident that the roof with a “lantern” will become a solution for data centers.