The financial corporation is large diversified financial structure, that has been successfully developing commercial banking, investment and private banking business for more than 20 years. The key companies of the financial corporation occupy leading positions in the financial market. In due to the enlargement of its business, the bank held a competition to modernize its server room. The winner was a system integrator partnering with Astergo. Astergo took part in the project as a manufacturer and supplier of the infrastructure equipment.


To expand and modernize the server capacities, the bank required mounting cabinets with power distribution units (PDUs).

Also, within the framework of the terms of reference, the customer identified the following task: to optimize the operation of the air conditioning system in the server room. To do so, it was necessary to establish circulation and eliminate leaks of cold air.


System integrator analyzed the market of the suppliers of engineering solutions for data centers and invited Astergo as a project partner, as this is the only company that was ready to provide the required volumes and level of the product quality and at the same time meet the deadlines. The flexibility of the company in solving such tasks provides its own production: for a minimum period, customers receive high quality products at an affordable price.

Special circumstances

According to the project deadlines, the supply and installation of the server cabinets and power distribution units was required to be completed before the winter holidays. In general, to solve this problem, the contractor was given only a month and a half. Of these, four weeks - for the production and delivery of all necessary constructs to the facility.


All customer’s requirements for the timing, volume and quality of products were met. Within the framework of the project, Astergo supplied 20 mounting cabinets and 40 distributed power units that support high-quality and uninterrupted operation of the customer’s IT equipment. These are fully developed engineering solutions with a well-thought-out infrastructure, ready for operation.

The installation of power supplies according to the 2N scheme provided high-quality power supply to the servers.

To solve the problem of cold air leakage, the experts of Astergo suggested installing special quick-release plugs, which can be easily installed on without any tools. This simple solution helped the customer optimize air flow in the server room and played a significant role in optimizing the entire air conditioning system in the server room of the bank: thanks to the plugs, cold air is now used strictly for its intended purpose.