One of the largest commercial data centers in Europe that provides services to the customers, who use cloud technologies, provides data security, storage, export and import. It is located in a pine forest built using advanced technologies. In the spring of 2018, the data center of the company became the Project of the Year.


The data center of the company is a rapidly scalable project that has practically unlimited possibilities for adapting leased facilities to the needs of the client. The data center is located on an area of ​​3 hectares, its design capacity is 17 MW of design load. To fill the machine rooms with the necessary equipment, the company engaged Astergo.


Astergo provided 100% infrastructure coverage for the new data center. As part of a long-term cooperation, Astergo has provided the data center with complete rack constructs, corridor insulation systems and uninterruptible power supplies. Thanks to its own production, the company was able to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of speed and volume of deliveries. Currently, the companies are still cooperating. Astergo provides the data center with engineering infrastructure as its customers grow and develop.

Special circumstances

The design of the data center began in 2014. In 2015, the company equipped the premises with the required engineering infrastructure. The first pressure zones were put into operation in 2016. The dynamics of the client’s requests showed the need for over-planned infrastructure expansion - quickly and in large volumes.


The customer received all the necessary equipment in full accordance with all standards and terms. The first pressure zones of the data center were put into operation in 2016. During the first year of operation, the data center entered into service contracts with the first tenants of the server rooms: these are large financial, telecommunication and retail companies that provided 50% occupancy of the entire workspace. At the moment, it has at its disposal 16 areas for 2,500 racks with computing and communication equipment, which allow creating individual solutions with increased security with limited access to the racks.