Large commercial data center in Europe. The company provides services for the placement and granting for a lease of server equipment. The capacity of the data center is 2,000 racks, the total area of ​​the machine room is 16,000 square meters. Given the high demand for its services and almost full utilization of available capacities, the company plans in the near future to increase its capacities by 1,000 rack places, and in the strategic future - up to 4,000.


The rapid growth of the company must be supported by timely build-up of high-quality engineering infrastructure. The company constantly monitors the supplier market and makes regular purchases of the necessary solutions. The main elements of the procurements are the server cabinets and corridor insulation systems designed to optimize the operation of the air conditioning system (separation of cold and hot air flows).


Astergo experts have developed a unique door system for the client with an integrated lock. Each door is equipped with a special access system. Its key element is a lock integrated into a comprehensive data center security system. To open the door, an ID is required. To automatically unlock the door from the inside of the corridor in case of an emergency (for example, fire), a special button is provided.

Special circumstances

The priority of the company is to provide services that meet international standards, primarily in the field of security. To solve this problem, the company formed special requirements for the engineering infrastructure of the data center and was looking for a technological partner capable of ensuring the production and prompt delivery of all its necessary elements. One of the key requirements for the partners is a willingness to customize products, both in terms of their parameters (dimensions, weight, etc.) and functionality.


The system of doors and corridors eliminates the risks of unauthorized access to the equipment: a data center client can only open the door of its own compartment. At the same time, it remains possible to evacuate people inside the compartment in case of an emergency.

Astergo has been a technology partner for over three years. Throughout the entire period of cooperation, the company provides high quality and customization of the required solutions. To date, more than one hundred server cabinets and 30 non-standard design corridor insulation systems have been produced and delivered.