Global energy transmission – producer of wireless charging stations for drone recharging.


Global energy transmission (GET) enables battery-powered drones to fly forever by safe and fast recharging during flight. Drones merely pause for a few minutes at one of the large GET Wireless Charging Station Zones, which can be set up several kilometers apart along flight paths and inside.

GET's solution takes drone-driven applications to a new level of autonomy, while ensuring high drone utilization, enhanced safety and operation in all weather conditions.


Considering the extremely hot weather conditions in these locations, all equipment is housed in an all-weather, fully isolated IP65 rated cabinet with dual air conditioning for extremely hot outdoor conditions.

Special circumstances

GET has assembled the first series of its high-power wireless charging stations for customers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.


Astergo's manufacturing flexibility ensures rapid development and delivery in any volume and to any country in the world.