Its products are worthy of competition with international analogues. The main specialization of the company is the design and production of the cooling systems for the rooms that require the maintenance of accurate temperatures and humidity, including for data centers. The company has its own production of climate equipment. All products undergo a multi-stage quality control.


For the telecom operators and Internet service providers with their own data centers, as well as for commercial data centers, the company produces cooling systems, which subsequently need to be integrated into the overall data center infrastructure. The implementation of such projects requires the participation of technological partners, which ensure the comprehensiveness of the supplied solutions and the installation of all necessary equipment. 


As a technology partner, Astergo develops and produces the integrated solutions in a single visual style. In particular, a similar decision was implemented in a project to create a data center for the informatization of regional government agencies. Astergo equipped one of the data centers with mounting cabinets, as well as a hot corridor insulation system. The company supplied air conditioning systems in the buildings designed by Astergo design bureau specifically for this data center.

Special circumstances

Many customers want their data center to be not only functional, but also beautiful, and in addition to the basic requirements for the engineering infrastructure (for its strength, reliability, functionality, etc.), they form additional ones, including its design and visual performance. In some cases, the customers want a single visual solution, which implies a common design for all elements of the machine room. The most popular request is the manufacture of front panels of air conditioners and cabinets in the same style. To solve this problem, the company attracts its technological partner – Astergo. 


All the front panels of the equipment located in the machine room were made in the same style and provided the customer with the required aesthetic solution. Due to the flexibility of its production and the readiness to customize its solutions in accordance with the customer’s requirements, Astergo is a worthy competitor to many international analogues that do not imply a deviation from the standards regardless of the volume of orders.

Astergo’s partnerships can also be implemented according to the white label model or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) model. Within these models, a solution manufacturer provides the parts and equipment for the sale under the partner’s brand name.