Modernization of solutions for data center The client is a fast-growing, innovative company that is constantly ramping up and upgrading its data center equipment. It is large European IT-infrastructure providers which unites six commercial data centers. The company has been operating on the market for 12 years and has implemented projects for 18,000 customers. The total area of machine rooms is 1,250 m², with 5,000 server racks located there.


In 2020, the company announced a tender for 1,000 cabinets for its data centers.


Astergo specialists customized standard cabinets to technical requirements of project, including making galvanized profiles for them which are necessary for earthing equipment. As part of a customization project, the contractor increased the cabinets' load capacity to 1200 kg, while not using rollers in the construction: the cabinets are installed with the frame directly on the raised floor. This makes it possible to avoid gaps under the cabinets which prevents the escape of cold air, but at the same time increases the requirements to the geometry of the cabinet.

The implemented design required modernization of the cabinet doors, because in order to function properly the racks must always remain functional, i.e., open and close without catching on any objects on the floor. This has also been successfully accomplished.

Special circumstances

Expected the best technical solution from the potential supplier in terms of quality and cost. The requirements to the dimensions of the products were very strict because it was important for saving space in the machine rooms. In addition to cabinets, it was necessary to provide data centers with passage insulation systems.

Some server racks (the first batch) had to be delivered within a limited time: it was required by the project conditions for one of the new customers. Astergo was the only company that took part in the tender because it was ready to fulfill all the conditions and customize the solutions to a suitable configuration for the customer.


The customer received the solutions in full accordance with the requirements and in a shorter time period than planned by the project. Thanks to the inclusion of the services of delivery, unloading and assembly of cabinets in rows in the offer from the contractor, the start-up time of the first stage of the supplied cabinets was significantly reduced.

The company managed to design a new modification of the cabinet and ship it in four weeks.

All delivered products were 100% compliant with the client’s corporate standards.