One of the largest developers and manufacturers of modular data centers in the local market.

Customer is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of modular data centers in the local market. The company's solutions are designed to place computing equipment inside the buildings or in open areas. In its projects, the company uses server cabinets, PDUs and other infrastructure elements from Astergo.

The choice of a technological partner is determined by a number of factors, among which availability of Astergo’s own production and project office, the possibility of customization, as well as consistently high quality of solutions at an affordable price. The company manufactures international products and at the same time provides its customers with significant savings. Astergo has local production facilities due to which long, complex, and costly logistics are excluded from the cost of the solutions.      

Over three years of cooperation, partners have implemented several joint projects of various scales, in particular, a data center for the state institution.


For the customers of modular data centers, one of the main criteria for the quality of a project is its speed - how quickly the contractor can develop, manufacture, supply and assemble all the necessary components, including the engineering infrastructure. At the same time, a modular object, like a classic data center, must comply with all required quality standards to ensure the security and uninterrupted operation of the data.

An important parameter of the infrastructure for a modular data center is also the simplicity and ease of assembly: all structures are delivered in containers, assembled and built at the customer’s site, and, if necessary, scaled depending on the dynamics of the development and the needs of its business.

Special circumstances

The state institution data center is responsible for the information and technical support of the events implemented by the regional government. The new data center was planned to be set up within the shortest possible timeframe.⁠


As part of the project, Astergo provided 26 cabinets for the installation of server and telecommunication equipment, as well as passive components of a structured cabling system (SCS). All cabinets comply with industry-leading standards for their placement in the data centers. The module is equipped with a gas extinguishing system, fire alarm, video surveillance and access control systems.

To accelerate the pace of the project, some of the modules for the data center were partially assembled at the place of production.


The modular data center built using the solutions of Astergo was completed in record time. Thanks to the coordinated work of the partners, well thought-out solutions and their 100% readiness for operation, the data center was able to be installed and put into operation in just five months.

This project has become one of the most striking examples in the segment of modular data centers for government institutions. Today it is the largest modular data center for the public sector of the country.

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